Professional implementations,

audits and database environment optimization.


We will create

a highly scalable environment...


...and we will write

an optimal code

summ-it is a team of people with passion and experience

On our way to accomplish our mission, we provide solutions in the area of databases and web applications. Our advisors gained their experience managing large-scale environments in international companies.
Trust our top priority, while transparency, knowledge and experience allow us to proficiently manage our clients’ databases.


“summ-it comprehensive solutions. Due to our knowledge and experience, we are able to earn our clients’ trust and make them feel comfortable about the safety of their data.”.

Strategy consulting


“To be like a Tenzing Norgay, be sure that our customer achieves a summit.”


Who was Tenzing Norgay

Chosen clients


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Jun 27
Computerworld TOP200 2018...
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