Audit of database licenses

As part of the service, we will carry out the following tasks for you.

Stock-taking of installed software

· Analysis of server environment configuration and number of desktop computers

· Collection of information on software installed on computers and servers

· Creation of a database set allowing for analysis

· Listing and checking the authenticity of operating systems’ certificates of authenticity

· Listing devices detected during network scanning

· Checking software support contracts

Stock-taking of purchased software

· Analysis of the amount of software purchased in fixed assets – required cooperation with the accountancy

· Verification of licenses collected on media (BOX type)

· Checking the licenses with the Mircosoft Volume Licensing Service Center or other virtual libraries

Data analysis

· Verification of installed  software with the purchased software

· List of missing/excessing software

· Indication of the most effective methods of legalization, including the optimization of license purchases, as well as the reorganization of the IT environment, in order to effectively use of the current resources

Preparation of the report 

· Account of the scope of audit work carried out

· Analysis of data collected in the process of scanning and software stock-taking

· Presentation of the recovery plan for a quick and possible cheapest legalization

Requirements for proper audit

As part of the project, the following conditions must be met:

· Providing a full set of purchase documentation

· Availability of customers end’s engineers who will account the architecture of the systems and will cooperate in range of access to the systems

· Providing systems (servers) with the required permission level

· Permission to possible creation of script sets, which will be prepared by our gathering hardware and software information specialists, and installation of software for automatic data stock-taking

· Access to the server documentation and used infrastructure.

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