Business Intelligence

Numbers, data and facts are the key factors necessary to make business decisions at every level of the organization. however, huge amount of data and changeable parameters start to become a frequent problem. Selection of appropriate information that can be used to make a decision is more and more often identified as a risk, which can negatively influence the costs related to running a company. Business intelligence systems constitute the answer to those problems. Their aim is to collect, process and visualize data.

The primary purpose of any business intelligence system is to consolidate the abovementioned functionalities and to visualize the results.


Those areas can be classified in several groups:

  • ETL (Extraction Transformation Loading) – collection of data from various (heterogeneous) sources, processing and loading them into a single set – data warehouse.
  • Data warehouse – system that aggregates data from various systems or data sources.
  • Analytical system (OLAP – Online Analytical Processing) – multidimensional analysis of data with several levels of detail.
  • Data mining – system that supports the decision-making process according to data prediction performed on the basis of time series and neural networks.

Microsoft is one of many companies that provide business intelligence solutions.
Microsoft SQL Server system was equipped with tools that can be used to perform such operations as:

  • ETL – through SQL Server Integration Services,
  • Data warehousing and analytical system – MS SQL Server Analysis Services,
  • Data prediction – MS SQL Server Data Mining,
  • Visualization – Reporting Services.

The tools mentioned above allow for the collection, processing and visualization of numbers, data and facts at the expected level of detail and at all levels of the organization.

Due to our knowledge and experience, we are able to offer comprehensive solutions and consultancy services in the area of implementation, configuration and management of business intelligence systems.

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