MS SQL Server


We are specialists in the implementation and configuration of MS SQL Server database engine. Microsoft company has been developing this database system since 1989.
With every new release, the solutions offered by the developer are more and more comprehensive.
SQL Server is not only a platform that can be used to store data. It also allows for the preparation of dynamic reports and for the performance of data analyses.

Using the solutions offered by MS SQL Server, our company is able to provide services in the areas of implementation, configuration and tuning of database engines, as well as BI related to reporting services, analysis services and data mining. Considering the wide scope of SQL Server services and specific needs of our clients, we approach each enquiry individually.
For each project, we perform a business analysis, which makes it possible to find the most optimal solution.



Oracle is one of the most popular and renowned database engines. For many years, it has been proving its worth in the area of large-scale solutions. It perfectly cooperates with Unix, Linux and AIX platforms. The rich offer of Oracle includes the possibility of using their engine in such high availability solutions as Data Guard or Real Application Cluster (RAC).

They can be used to efficiently protect the data and they allow for high availability of the service. Our offer includes the implementation, configuration, management and tuning of Oracle database engine.
During implementation works, we focus on the safety of the data and high performance of the system.

ITCP solutions

Unforeseen failures of IT infrastructure may negatively influence the financial results of any entrepreneurship.Business activity of companies becomes more and more dependent on their IT systems.
This dependency can be clearly seen in emergency situations. Instead of planning a backup strategy, we focus on data recovery. In our opinion, a backup has no value if it cannot be recovered.

Therefore, in every system we handle, we perform a test data recovery procedure, to be sure that in the case of a failure, we will be able to perform a disaster recovery.
To prevent such situations and to minimize their effects, we are able to develop and implement high availability systems and the so called Business Continuity Plan (BCP), inextricably linked with the IT Continuity Plan (ITCP). The offer is addressed to all clients, regardless of the size of the company and complexity level of the IT structure.
Every company should protect its data and for each scale an appropriate continuity plan should be developed.

High availability systems

If data availability constitutes a crucial element of a service, then such a service should be formed on the basis of high availability systems.This way, a permanent access to information is provided to the clients of the company. When designing such high availability systems, we need to consider the client’s expectations already at the stage of infrastructure planning. Maximum acceptable downtime determines the type and configuration of the IT infrastructure.High availability of data can be assured at several levels.

We may distinguish:

  • Operating system
  • Databases
  • Database software

Each of the areas listed above needs to be configured in a specific way.
Nevertheless, high availability in the case of each of them can be assured through an appropriate configuration of hardware platform and system.

Database engine and SQL query tuning

Dynamic development of a company or popularization of the provided services increase the load of IT systems used in a company.
In such cases, the speed in which the data can be accessed or unexpected exceptions can become problematic. In most situations, the problem with database accessibility is caused by the hastily developed software. If the method of connecting to the data source is designed in an inconsiderate manner, it makes the query processing time longer and forces the users to wait for information.

In order to meet the market expectations, we offer the possibility of tuning database queries in MS SQL Server and Oracle systems and tuning the engine files. In many cases, appropriate configuration significantly improves the quality of data accessibility and makes it possible to handle bigger amounts of clients and to provide more comfort to those who are already using the offered services.

“To be like a Tenzing Norgay, be sure that our customer achieves a summit.”

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