SQL Server Reporting Services

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is a solution created to meet the business needs related to reporting.
In this area, we may distinguish:

  • corporate reporting,
  • ad hoc reporting,
  • embedded reports,
  • Internet reports.

The aforementioned reporting mechanisms make it possible for the organizations to provide appropriate information within the entire company – precisely where they are needed.

Reporting services offer tools and functions required to create various, richly formatted reports based on the wide scope of data sources, and provide a comprehensive set of known tools that can be used to manage and secure corporate reporting solutions.

The aim of the reporting system is to enable quick and efficient processing and provision of data. Reports can be accessed by the users automatically, with the use of subscriptions, and through the ad hoc access to reports located in the central repository of reports, or by using the reports in the context of business processes, with the use of reports directly embedded into business applications or websites.

Even though the companies often collect and store huge amounts of data, sometimes it is difficult to present them in a legible way, to provide an insight into the current state of business process and to assist the decision-makers in making proper choices in accordance with the interest of the company. Well-designed reporting system makes it possible to access data at various levels. Due to such an approach, the effective business decisions may be made at all levels. On the other hand, easy access allows for consolidation of data from various sources used in the entire company.
Reports make it possible to integrate text and digital data and to visualize them with the use of various charts and indicators, allowing to efficiently present the trends.

Reporting services allow the companies to perform various reporting scenarios:

  • Management reporting. Known also as corporate reporting – supports the development of reports that cover all aspects of business activity. Such reports are delivered in the entire company, so the employees can access the information related to the scope of their responsibilities in real time, which allows them to make better decisions.
  • Ad hoc reporting. Ad hoc reporting allows the users to create their own reports in ad hoc mode, assuring flexible and quick acquisition of information and required format – without the need to send any queries and without waiting until the report designer creates an appropriate report.
  • Embedded reporting. Embedded reporting makes it possible for the organizations to embed reports directly into business applications and websites. Due to such a solution, the users may use the reports in the context of their own business processes. Moreover, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services allow for close integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server technology. It makes it possible for the organization to deliver reports through a central report library or to use new Web Parts to render simple reports directly in SharePoint environment.

This way, the organizations gain the possibility to gather all key business data coming from the entire company in one, central location. Due to such an approach, the process of getting access to information becomes consolidated and the users are able to analyze key information related to business performance straightaway.

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