Web application audit

  • Do you think your webpage or online store is transparent and easy to use?
  • Is your website easy to find in search engines?
  • Are you sure your web application is working properly?
  • Do you know how many customers may place orders at your store at the same time?
  • What happens if the user carries out an unexpected action?

If you do not know the answers to those questions, take a look at our audit offer. Due to the variety of audit issues, we divided our portfolio into two main areas.


In the world of IT, the term “usability” is defined as ergonomics of interactive devices and applications.

Source: Wikipedia

It has been scientifically proven that the users of websites and other applications tend to apply a finite number of schemes.
Their behavior may be technically monitored to allow for the creation of maximally useful websites and applications.

Usability audit is usually divided into three key areas:

1. Initial audit – covers the analysis of web application and includes:

  • evaluation of functionality of the most important elements of the site,
  • verification of content legibility and layout analysis,
  • verification of conformity with the standards set by international organizations (W3C) responsible for the development of Internet standards.

The results of our works are presented to the client in the form of a report containing a detailed analysis of the current state, suggested changes and estimated costs.

2. Tests performed with the participation of the users – the simplest way to check whether the given web application is useful is to find out how it is used by various groups of users.

In the result, faulty solutions implemented in the application can be defined and the corrective actions may be proposed.

3. Improvement of usability – for the auditing purposes, we create a carefully selected target group defined during the analysis of needs performed together with the client. Focusing on the target group served by the client, we verify the functionality of the application and present guidelines for the changes together with time and costs.


The company or provided services should be presented on the Internet in the most professional manner. Verification of bandwidth and the reaction time of a web page or application are crucial for the Internet image of any company. Before performing any large marketing action, it is obligatory to check exception handling and performance under huge loads. Before investing in advertisement, we need to be sure that our application will be able to handle the increased traffic. Only then, the money spent for marketing will bring profit.

Standard performance audit includes:

  • Test of operation under the assumed load (number of users).
  • Determination of a traffic threshold.
  • Determination of the recommended increase in bandwidth.
  • Verification of exception handling.
  • Detection of critical spots that generate errors in the application.
  • Code refactoring to improve results.

Apart from the usability and performance audits, we may also perform security audits of applications and web systems, and we may prepare the applications for positioning in search engines. Our audit offer may be freely composed, depending on specific business needs of our clients.

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